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We have tyres for any vehicle and specification from domestic cars to commercial vehicles.


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  • Large stock of tyres
  • Davanti featured brands
  • Performance tyres
  • Budget to premium tyres available
  • All makes supplied
  • All expertly fitted using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Fitting includes new valves and computerised wheel balancing
Tyre Size Markings - Order Tyres Online

How to read your tyres

The size of a tyre is on the sidewall of the tyre. You’ll see a series of numbers and letters, such as 205/55/R16 91V. 

This is your tyres size, each number means the following:

  • 205 – Tyres width in millimetres
  • 45 – Sidewall height (%of width)
  • R17 – Diameter of the tyre’s inner rim (inches)
  • 91 – Load Rating
  • V – Indicates the maximum speed for the tyre when at full load (Known as the speed rating)

Tyre Labelling

Fuel Efficiency

A measure of the tyre rolling resistance, which has an impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This is rated from A (highest rating) to G (lowest rating).

Wet Grip

A measure of the tyre braking ability in wet conditions. Wet grip is rated from A (highest rating) to F (lowest rating).


A measure of the external noise produced by the tyre on the road, in decibels. The black sound waves indicate the noise class of the tyre – from 1 (quiet) to 3 (loud).

Tyre Label Information - Order Tyres Online